lowlifeilli – Fuck It (New Track)

“Mumble rap” is often seen as a joke in the hip hop world. It’s become a bit of a worn out trend, especially among the hopeful rappers in the SoundCloud universe. I’ve heard a great many that sound uninspired; almost as though they are riding the wave just to cater to listeners that are drawn to the sound.

A good chunk of the submissions we receive do fall into this increasingly popular sub-genre. While some are actually pretty dope, there are many that fall to the wayside. lowlifeilli’s newest track Fuck It is not one of them. He has admirably tagged the track as mumble rap, calling out the elephant in the room. Yet, he’s confident in what he has created. His producer, Antonio West, sent him the beat, but lowlife could not think of what to rap about. He said “fuck it” (hence the title) and wrote about “literally nothing.”

Lowlife describes Fuck It as “a fun song about nothing. Perfect for when you are in a “fuck it” mentality.” He doesn’t give himself enough credit for this one, as his enthusiasm propels the song forward – especially with the chorus over Antonio’s thumping bass. Give this song a listen and FREE download above.