MZJQ – Nothing To Prove (New EP)

Artistic individuals are rarely selfish. They (usually) create to inspire, and share their views with the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see their story told through personal expression…whether they are painters, rappers, or dancers.

Although they find enjoyment in making others happy, their work benefits them as well. Many describe their process as therapeutic. The wonderful artist’s I’ve come to know have their own struggles; whether with money, relationships, emotions, or all of the above. Whatever they create helps them in their daily life, and gives them hope that they may not find in daily life.

A perfect example of this is MZJQ’s debut project Nothing To Prove. The recordings started off as music therapy, and turned into a series of EP’s. This is the very first.

It’s a fun r&b inspired EP, full of poetic musings and a classic hip hop vibe. A personal quote below will give you a better understanding of the body of work.

I’ve always created but due to many reasons never put out a project. When it came to music and poetry I used to look for others approval but this time around I have NOTHING TO PROVE.

Stream above and watch out for more from the budding Chicago artist.