theinjuredparty. – the injuredparty. EP

It kills me that I’m so late on posting this EP, as I enjoy I’ve enjoyed listening to it so much. Our main dude Musa Reems has made huge strides in the last year, tearing up the Chicago scene with his witty wordplay and constant grind. That being said, I could barely contain my excitement when he announced his new group theinjuredparty. It consists of him and Amare Symoné, an amazing vocalist out of New York. The duo make progressive neo soul and hip hop music, heavily influenced by The Fugees, The Soulquarians, and Outkast (to name a few.)

While hip hop has become a bit predictable, especially this year, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear such a forward thinking project. It’s 4 tracks of pure bliss, with verse and vocal call and answers from both talented artists. They are soulful, and aren’t afraid to be different.

Almost every song is produced by flowsfordays frequent JXHN SCXTT who keeps the EP flowing and never stagnant.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out their debut. Accompanying the drop they released a dope documentary, giving us an inside look into their music. Big things are coming for these guys – and I can’t wait to see their rise.