Announcement from Wil Akogu + flowsfordays

Hey Wil! How are you?

What’s going on Julie! I’m doing well! I hope all is well with you. 

You just found out some big news. Tell us about it!

Yes I did! Well a couple days ago, I found out I’d be opening for Marsha Ambrosius & Eric Benet on May 14th (Mothers day) in Chicago as they kick off their tour. 

What was your reaction when you found out?

I’m definitely humbled by the opportunity. Most importantly for me, I’m excited to exercise my musical & performance abilities. It’s always a great time whenever you can get on stage, not to mention being able to bless the same stage as two artists of this stature. Especially because they chose me & not the other way around. They really enjoy my music. So to be hand picked is very humbling, and it definitely shows I’m doing the right things.

What is your mindset going into the performance? What type of effect do you want it to have on the people that come out and see you?

Well first this is a great opportunity to showcase my musical finesse. To show my skill & ability as well as precision. I’m very excited. This is right up my alley. Second, I’m just gonna be myself, put on the best show i can & hope everyone there can appreciate my light.

Will you be performing more that one song? What can we expect from the set?

Yes. My set is 20 minutes so expect a decent amount of music. I’ll be performing a lot of unreleased music so it should be a good time. I definitely wanna keep the crowd on their toes.

How do you think this will help your movement and music? What are you hoping to achieve?

I think being exposed to a different audience especially on such a big platform will be greatly beneficial to my movement. I’m hoping to capture as many eyes, ears & souls as possible.

How do you feel about the other artists on the bill?

To my knowledge, I am the only other artist on the bill outside of the headliners. But if any other artist are on the bill, I’m sure they are very talented & I wish them the best.

Where can we find more information about the performance/how to get in touch, etc?

I should have a ticket link available very soon as well as physical copies. Once I get those I’ll be sure to post the info on all my social medias.

We’re rocking with you and know you’ll kill it. Good luck to you!

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