Frankie B, Jmir + Les Riley – Medicated (Video)

Frankie B has made a name throughout his hometown of Kansas City with his 2016 release For HerHe’s a master of creating sultry tracks about women and romance, but separates himself with his rough vocals and heavy bass production.

Just last month he dropped the best project of his career in the Papi Chulo album, propelled by the official single Medicated. It’s flawless, with an addicting chorus from Jmir and perfectly structured bars from featured rapper Les Riley and Frankie himself.

Comments on YouTube range from “omg her voice!” to “my new ringtone,” and once you press play you’ll understand their excitement. The official music video is directed by Shawn Riddle, and for just under 5 minutes he stays with the backdrop of a pool game, staying focused on each featured artist. Peep above.