Cohiba Season – Express Five (Intro) (Video)

If you’re in the market for some MF Doom esq hip hop, Cohiba Season has got your back. The New Jersey native has been pushing his music for some time now, and hip hop fans are finally taking notice. A few months ago he dropped a heavy EP titled Express Five, that drew some well deserved attention. Thanks to producer Chuck Kennedy, (who is all over the project) Cohiba successfully captured the essence of abstract hip hop.

Don’t be fooled; he can rap his ass of. His storytelling on Express Five is vivid, and his transitions seem effortless. The project is his introduction to the city of New York, where he currently resides.

The intro track, which may be the strongest, has just gotten the visual treatment. Cohiba takes us around New York, giving us an inside look on the gritty city. Hit play above and look out for more from this promising emcee.

Directed by Josh Hoang