ZOTOWSKI (ft. Zaida) – 30 (New Track)

Birmingham’s own, ZOTOWSKI, just recently released his new feel-good single, “30”, produced by Kayday. Zotowski has a number of different flows, and displays his versatility with this single. You can hear his own samples of Uzi, with the occasional “yeah, yeah, yeah.” in between verses. Regardless of his possible influence from Uzi, Zotowski’s flow reveals his individuality and skill as a rapper.

The beat made my Kayday is uplifting, and sounds kind of like Church music. Zaida really combines her beautiful singing voice with a pleasurable rhythm over the beat.

Zotowski is blowing up, with his single “Bottle for the Yo” available on iTunes, the sky is the limit for this young man. Looking forward to hearing more from him

ZOTOWSKI on Soundcloud here