Rich Garvey (feat. Nsikak) – ANTETOKOUNMPO (New Track)

“They should call me Jamesssss, cause I’m going Harden in this b*tch.” Nah, move over Drake, Minneapolis’ Rich Garvey and Nsikak are fresh on the scene with shouts out to one of the leagues most exhilarating young players, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The rap game and the NBA have always had a strong attachment with each other, but this track focuses more on the aspects of immigration and the unheard potential in those who have previously been looked down upon.

The sons-of-African emcees plan to be exemplary figures in an era of confusion and confrontation over immigration. That being said, besides the potent metaphors and meanings behind the track, the song goes hard. The beat, produced by Garvey himself, is a head rocker, with a strong bass and wavy up-and-down tones. Nsikak absolutely kills the first verse. The man can flow. He sounds comfortable and practiced, even though he really goes in and his rhymes have real substance here. Rich Garvey has undeniable skill as well, his quick delivery is effortless and melodic.

The hook is catchy and relatable. It’s a blend of trap music and depth in actual bars, which is something that you rarely see know a days. We look forward to hearing more from both Rich Garvey and Nsikak.

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