B. Anderson – Selena (Prod. Kris Minor) (New Track)

B. Anderson is a self-proclaimed hard worker. Through his own groundwork, he has managed to generate a consistent following and buzz surrounding his work. He recently released an album entitled 2 1/2 Mins Till Midnight that has made its way to most common stores, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Selena, which is the 3rd track from 2 1/2 Mins Till Midnight, is a love song, directed towards the the seductive and intriguing Selena. B. Anderson delivers slick, pickup line-esque one-liners over smooth production, incorporating undertones of Spanish flamenco guitar, brought to us by Kris Minor. Although the lyrics and flow are not dazzlingly innovative, there is something to be said for B. Anderson’s ability to blend his voice with the beat. The overall sound of Selena is complete and whole, leaving nothing to be desired.