Cey, The Ghost (feat. Adia) – Ready Or Not (New Track)

Cey, The Ghost, a 20 year old college rapper from the independent Illinois label D9 Productions set a goal for himself at the beginning of 2017: he decided to release a song a month for entirety of the year. Being a man of his word, Cey has not disappointed, steadily releasing music throughout 2017. This track, Ready Or Not, is from his coming project, entitled Look Up.

Ready Or Not is Cey’s take on the classic Fugee’s track. Cey flows over the track with ease, effortlessly and efficiently making it his own, all while challenging his competition to meet him, bar for bar. He differentiates himself by stating that he’s focused on his craft, while others are more interested in reaping their rewards, whether that be women, fame, etc. All in all, Ready Or Not is a solid track, and we cannot wait to see what Cey puts out in the future.