Benji – Greenbacks (New Track)

Benji is a joy to listen to. We’ve covered a bunch of his music, and since the start he’s proven to be very veristile. He can make autotune ballads, r&b confessionals, and trap infused bangers. Today, we have the latter.

Greenbacks is a hell of a track with rattling production from Cxdy. Benji gave some insight on the song which you can peep below:

This record was written at a time where I really needed to get these checks up. They don’t tell us when you grow up you’re going to have get to these checks otherwise you’re going to live in debt your whole life. This song is filled with hopes and aspirations of what I want my life to look life in the near future. I name drop common themes in my life such as dabbing slabs of shatter, listening to 2pac in my youth and my extreme pettiness. Cxdy came through with fantastic production which really helped make this record what it is. It’s hard hitting and consists of a some flow switch ups through the verses.