Brampton, Ontario’s very own underground artist Josh Dillon releases his latest track titled “Ones.” This song is different to say the least. It stands out and is very weird – a good weird. The hook is very catchy, as it paints a vivid image of the struggle and difficulties he has with the people around him in his life. Dillon’s vocals compliment the beat perfectly. Martin Sole (producer) does a great job of making the beat stand out in its own peculiar way. It gives me a “trippy” vibe, something it seems like Uzi would definitely use & I just can’t seem to get enough. Although, I will admit, it took me a few plays for the track to grow on me.

I’m curious to see where Josh Dillon will go. He has a lot of potential and can write a serious hook! Check more of Josh Dillon’s tracks on his SoundCloud page here.

Written by Alim – follow him on Twitter.