Rocky Dope – Crack Kills (New Project)

Rocky Dope is new to me – but I’m kicking myself for sleeping on him. He’s a Chicago emcee that has dropped a few loosies – all in preparation for his newest project Crack Kills. He isn’t afraid to speak on what’s actually going on in the city, including police brutality, the drug scene, and violence.

This isn’t a new subject to speak on – but he does it in a totally refreshing way. The beats are incredibly diverse, and he never falters on the introspective lyrics. He’s confident – and he’s been through it all. He doesn’t sound happy on these tracks, more focused on portraying the gritty street life of the city.

This is one hell of a debut, and he kept my attention throughout the 13 songs. There is a lot to deconstruct; and for those that haven’t been to Chicago, don’t be surprised if you are transported into the thick of it.