LIP! – Wishes + Aspirations (New Track)

LIP! is an unorthodox rapper. He pushes himself to incorporate different genres into his music, such as industrial, electronic and of course hip hop. His newest record, Wishes + Aspirations, is one of his smoothest tracks yet, but LIP! puts his own spin on the @JustJasper92 produced beat. His voice is reminiscent of the distorted vocals that Kendrick Lamar used in his earlier work, but he’s not biting at all. His flow is abstract, his approach is creative, and he stays true to his character.

He has carefully selected his team of in-house engineers and producers, as the bass was provided by @_briansanborn and background vocals came from @MC_EL.

He has created a sub genre that is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Follow him on SoundCloud to stay up to date on his music.