Khairi Tahir – Promise (Nobody Else) (Prod. 808louie)

“The way you kiss me, girl don’t kiss nobody else. I ain’t gonna lie, I want you to myself. The way you love me, girl don’t love nobody else, don’t love nobody else.”

Holy smokes. The newest release from 17 y/o Khairi Tahir wastes no time in getting one deep into his or her emotions. The track consists of a plea, from the young artist, petitioning for a woman to be for him and him only. The PartyNextDoor type of beat produced by 808louie, does a great job of placing the listener into a warm atmosphere, not to mention completely resonating with Khairi’s beautiful voice, creating a sweet-sounding melody that one could play continuously.

This track speaks on the reality of life in this generation, illuminating the personal, love lives of kids in this age. It demonstrates how captivating one can be to someone else, while also making known just how invested people in this generation can get to each other in such a short amount of time.

I really loved this track for its catchy hook and meaningful lyrics, which I’m sure most men can relate to. I cannot wait to hear new music from Khairi, as it seems like he will continue to demonstrate the versatility and talent he possesses within his arsenal. Don’t forget, he’s only 17.

You can find Khairi Tahir on Soundcloud here, to hear more of his music!

Written by Alim – follow him on Twitter.