C$ – #ProjectWave (New Mixtape + Review)


Chicago’s C$ has always been a lyrical cat. If you’ve been with us for awhile, you might remember our dissection interview with him based off his single Brand New. I was so blown away by the track that I immediately reached out to him. Just a month later he released Dial Tone, another lyrical exercise.

His newest tape, #ProjectWave, (dropped just a few days ago) proved to me that he can not only make solid records, but a flawless body of work. From the jump, you’ll hear an explanation of his Wave concept, which fuels all of his music, especially this album. It would be bold for any emcee to start their LP with Nas’ Made You Look instrumental – but it’s more of a show off than a risk. As he states in the beginning, his shit is nice, and his flow isn’t one to fuck with.

While the beats on #ProjectWave are all classic and previously released hip hop instrumentals, he uses this to his advantage; very often bringing a totally new vibe to each song. While you’ll recognize a good amount of them, many are abstract. Just listen to Real Rapper Anonymous – a alternative instrumental from Pusha T’s song Drug Dealer Anonymous.

He brags and boats, but nothing lags or is boring. I listened straight through with no skips. #ProjectWave is something you’ll need to replay multiple times to really grasp the concepts and metaphors. To download, visit his official website here.