Grand Opus – 360 Degrees (New Track)

Songs that make you truly contemplate the ins and outs of life, while also being highly replayable are hard to come by. Cali group Grand Opus (made up of emcee Joc Scholar + producer Centric) are masters at making this type of music, proven by last year’s debut album Forever. This week – they are back at it again with their newest single 36o Degrees. It is available on all platforms – including iTunes. They gave me a great description of the song which you can read below:

Illustrating the science of life, the seemingly conflicting make up of creation itself and the synergy between our inner self and the outer universe as they ponders the perfection and design of it all. Providing social commentary and thought provoking lyricism.

Whether it be cycles, seasons, axises, galaxies or the spiral of time, there are countless representations of the 360 angle and rotation. Its represents completion, where beginning and end meet, and a bringing together of all things.