Get To Know Xavier Clark: The Best Indianapolis Emcee You Don’t Know Yet (Exclusive Interview)

It is a rare occurrence when an emcee drops 2 EP’s back to back and we cover both of them. It wasn’t difficult to do this was Xavier Clark, the Indianpolis emcee that is destined to make a name for himself. He’s gotten recognition for his work, (over 7 projects in 1 year) but truly not enough for the music contained in each diverse EP.

It’s time to get to know Xavier, as this is an artist I haven’t stopped believing in. He has a lot more in store, which you’ll learn more about. I recommend you catch him early, and give his latest project a full listen (below.)

Hey Xavier, thanks for talking with us! We’ve posted both of your recent projects, Arlo Day and DENXM. They are some of the best “independent” projects I’ve heard in the last few months. What has been the response like for those two?

I have high expectations for myself so the response has been decent but I expect more. In other words I gotta work harder.


In the last year you’ve dropped a total of 7 projects. The work ethic is incredible. How often are you recording?

I have my own recording equipment so whenever I get in that zone I just break out the mic at any time I’m always working on something everyday.

All of these have been EP’s. Will we be getting a full length soon?

I feel like never forget 2 could have been my album or maybe DENXM those projects are overlooked. It’s all about timing so when I feel like all eyes are on me I will release the album but until then I plan to continue to drop more projects.

Do you feel like the hip hop community are taking notice of your consistency dope music? Or do you have more to prove? 

I feel like I deserve more I’ve definitely been putting in a lot of work for a while. Feeling like the underdog makes me go harder I know My time will come soon.

One of my favorite parts about your musical output is that each EP sounds so different. All have similar elements, the elements that have worked for you, but sonically they never sound the same. Do you agree? Is this something you set out to accomplish?

Honestly I just make whatever comes to me. Every project I try to evolve into something else whatever that might be it just comes out when it’s time to record.

You’ve worked with prouder Mathaius Young from the start. Your collaborations are always fire. You even did a full project with him. How did you two link up? 

I saw his very first project on SoundCloud and found out he lived in my city once I heard it I was like yo this sound is crazy. We linked up and from there every beat he ever sent me  went perfect with what I was trying to do.

Two other frequent collaborators are Xavier Clark + Drayco McCoy (or Fullyautomaticdrayco.) You three worked together on the 24 karat EP. What made you all decide to link up?

At one point in time me Mathaius and Drayco recorded a couple songs together including with the scope, know this and one other song that never released. Me and Drayco finished the rest together and came up with 24 karats.

You’ve also put out a host of loosies. Do you have a favorite one? Do you enjoy making singles rather than EP’s?

Blockin is one of my favorite tracks if you like Travis Scott you’ll catch the apple pie reference. I like giving people bodies of work but sometimes a song might need its own shine.

Never Ever, off the Never Forget II EP, got the visual treatment. You actually collaborated with Elevator, a famous hip hop blog based in Chicago. What was the process like in making the video?

The process was dope definitely came out the way I wanted it to thanks to Zander Nunelley. Elevator is dope too I think I got 14k on the video or something like that.

Do you plan on making more?

I plan on coming out with more videos in the future. 

For those that are unfamiliar with the Indianapolis hip hop scene, tell us briefly what it’s like. Do you have certain artists that you enjoy listening to more than other?

The Indianapolis scene is dope we have a lot of talent here in the city it’s just a matter of time before the world sees it. I’ve listened to everyone in my city but I mainly focus on my music.

You’ve put out two projects, Never Forget and Never Forget II. What is the significance of the title?

I really felt like people doubted me and still do. I felt when people heard those projects they would never forget me after they heard it. It’s all motivation for me to show people that I have what it takes.

Who does your album art? 

Cover art I usually go to RaelyFLA, shonerosewood, Mathaius young, sekumo, for the most part I might venture out and try to find something different.

What can we expect in the next few months from Xavier Clark?

I’m coming out with a project executive produced by Will C. From Cleveland titled “ROSES” it’s more personal than my other projects, also thinking about continuing the never forget series, more videos as well. I plan to make this year my year.

Any last thoughts?

I wanna give a big thanks to everyone who’s been with me since I started and supporting my vision I got a lot more coming so be ready.