DRTYLAUNDRY – ‘Dog’ + ‘Darks Ceas’ (Double Drop + Review)

I’ve been following DRTYLAUNDRY since he dropped his free EP So Far This Sucks. It hit SoundCloud just 4 months ago, and has racked up over 80K views (in total.) He has always stayed true to the music he wants to create, as evident by his entire discography. While a host of talented people were involved in the success of that project, he stood on his own two feet, combing trap infused beats and the perfect amount of vocal distortion and melody.

While I loved SFTS, it his recent double drop that has me most excited for what’s to come for the Arizona artist. Dog + Dark Ceas could hit Billboard, (and they should compared to the listing this year) if only more recognition was given to actual talent. While Dark Ceas is an ambient journey with experimental elements, it is just as pop oriented as Dog. Although both are two catchy records, DRTY is not straying away from his successful formula.

Dog stands as my favorite, (also thanks to producer Young Taylor) and without question will give him his biggest numbers yet. It’s a more accessible track, as he croons about his savage ways, but lays some of the responsibility on the girl who should know his persona.

I highly recommend you not only peep these two cuts, but his collective output, as he is definitely next up.