Mitchel Gerald – 1998: The Visual (Video)

Let’s get this out of the way first. Multi- faceted Tennessee wordsmith Mitchel Gerald dropped one of my favorite songs of the new year in Tango. It was melodic, catchy, and very easy to dance to.

This was a loosie before his debut project 1998, that intelligently sticked to a similar sound. The numbers are unwarranted for the quality of the music, which is just a shame. Mitchel knows this, which is why he decided to drop a 10 minute epic covering snippets of the full tracklist. It’s a unique approach to a unique album. Shot + edited by Cassidie Cottone, Wuntake, and Mitchel, we find him in a number of settings, all significant to the content of the records.

Originally 1998 was something personal and dear to my heart but after its release, I noticed its impact on listeners and felt that from that moment, I would push myself to display something from a visual standpoint that’s just as personal and involving. It took like three months of planning and 2 months of actual film production and now we’re here! We wanted to keep everything as genuine as possible, just like the project. The visual for 1998 is the final touches on my personal introduction to the world as an artist and an actual person behind the music.


Let’s keep sharing this, and continue to support Mitchel by streaming and purchasing 1998 (below.)