Sig Da Gaud and Dertesounds – GAUDSOUNDS (New EP + Review)

An artist working with one producer on an EP can often bring good results. Said artist working with one producer that’s also a close friend can be a nightmare. They may have decided to collab just because they are friends. But, when this is done right, each brings out the best in one another.

This is the case with Philly friends Sig Da Gaud and Dertesounds. Both rapper and producer have created a cohesive body of work in GAUDSOUNDS. Sig brings the drugged out, nonchalant flows, while Derte provides minimalist and trap flavored instrumentals. 

Beyond these two, featured artists Ankguad, $tonez and Wallace work on the tail end of the 5 track EP. Ank drops quick rhymes, $tonez provides another distinct voice, and Wallace matches Sig’s flow and cadence. I highly recommend you gives this a spin.