André Molina has been hyping up his new song hmu. for some time now. I was curious to know if it would be worth the promo. The track dropped yesterday and it’s already gotten over 1.2K spins. What’s more – it’s great.

The New Jersey rapper and singer/songwriter is a master of creating memorable songs, combing a pop mentality with melodic vocals. He worked with producer Logan Brondo on his debut recordand seeing the success of it on SoundCloud, asked to collaborate again. hmu. is only his second drop, but the love is real on Twitter and SoundCloud. He had this to say about the song:

“hmu” is about a girl who tried to play me, but later realizes she just played herself because nobody does it better. 

A little more about André: He actually grew up in the The Philippines before immigrating to the US in early 2000. He grew up on Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, and draws most of his influence from r&b artists. His music is his a spin on the genre, and people seem to love it. Stream above.