SeKwence. – Body Bags (New Track)

SeKwence. has his own voice, and he isn’t afraid to use it. I discovered him on SoundCloud a few days ago, and reached out right away to learn more about his music. We’ve been talking back and forth, and he’s shared some music off his upcoming project. The song he sent will do numbers – I’m sure of it.

To introduce the unique emcee, we are posting his recent song Body Bags. You’ll hear his distinct personality from the start. He hasn’t changed his sound, but has gotten better and better with each release. Just last month he dropped a hell of a project in Substance Abuse. It’s a story, a perspective, and a great experiment on the genre of hip hop.

SeKwence. collaborated with Alpine and producer LSXXX on Body Bags, and continues with the straightforward lyrics + dense rhymes. Continue to watch for more music by following him on SoundCloud.