Xombie – Might As Well (New Track)

Rapcore is a dying art. Many artists have attempted, but few have been successful. New York City’s well established group Xombie have perfected the genre, also incorporating elements of punk rock and metal. The group is full of talented members, including Atom Crews/Adam Cruz (Lead Vocals), Roy Galvan (Guitar/Vocals), “Cadillac” Mike Martabano (Bass), Eric Castillo (Drums/Vocals/Production) and John Naclerio (Production.)

They have already had much success playing at Bamboozle and CMJ Festivals, getting their music video premiered on Vice, (along with an interview) raising $11,000 for their Kickstart Campaign in 2012, and much more.

With 3 EP’s under their belt, they certainly don’t have to prove themselves any further, but have done just that with the first single off their upcoming album Super Cell. Might As Well is a psychedelic experience with crushing guitars, aggressive vocals, and suggestive lyrics. It’s a great record that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

Super Cell is dropping on June 2nd of this year. Keep up with the group by following them on SoundCloud.