imyNoah – Go (New Track + Review)

Welp – we’ve found another killer rapper out of Chicago. There’s even better news…imyNoah is a student at my almamater Columbia College. He is only 18 years old, but creates music like he’s been recording for years.

The producer of his new song Go is a South looper named Ignite, who has been dropping heat since he joined SoundCloud. He’s also worked with flowsfordays favorite Yung Ja$per. I have no doubt he will continue to get more and more work.

Linking with Noah was a smart move, as they both proved their versatility on this cut. The chemistry between Noah and Ignite is very obvious. Ignite shows off his mastery with heavy bass, while Noah supplies his aggressive flow and street smart lyrics. Apparently Ignite made this 1 minute beat in just an hour and gave it to Noah to hop on right away.

We can look forward to more collaborations coming soon, included singles and a full project they’ve been working on diligently. Keep watch by following Ignite and Noah on SoundCloud.