Toronto artist Erich Mrak has been described as an experimental rapper, with a pop mentality. At a surprising 21 years of age, he’s found incredible success in his music career.

Although Erich has worked with eclectic producer Bento many times before, there is an obvious maturation in his new song Think About It. The beat is more developed, with abstract and distorted segments rippling into computer blips and short hand claps.

Erich uses his songwriting skills to paint a picture of a relationship that is just starting to develop. He’s been spending a lot of time with this woman, and wonders if she thinks about him too.

He is much more confident on Think About It, able to find the necessary pockets to rap and sing. There isn’t a distinct chorus, but “do you ever think about it” is repeated often. He isn’t afraid to let Bento mostly take over the 3 and a half minute song.

Make no mistake, Think About It wouldn’t have over 20K plays without Erich’s contributions. This is just the start for Erich’s 2017, so look forward for more music to come.