Once again, a thorough press release was sent to my email doing my job for me. I will say my favorite line on Daren Todd’s new song Patterns is: “Confusion is on my mind, and what happens after.” It has helped me, and will hopefully others not feel so alone is doubt about the future. Here is the write up:

Written over the course of an exceptionally rainy winter for California, “Patterns” by Daren Todd capitalizes on a melodic melancholy paired with thoughtfully crafted lyrics written about the synchronicity of life. Daren himself shows growth and a maturation of his sound in this new single, as well as an unmatched quality produced by a new partnership between the artist and talented people behind Bad Monkey Music Productions, a small studio out of Santa Maria Ca.  

A little more about Daren:

Born and raised in a small town called Lompoc in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Daren Todd spent much of his childhood learning to play an array of instruments from classical violin to contemporary acoustic guitar.  Along with a love of music ingrained in him by his father, who exposed the family to different genres of music from jazz to latin fusion, Daren was also gifted with a love of literature and writing from his mother’s various intellectual interests.  He began his endeavors into hip hop shortly after high school, using the music as an outlet for his frustrations with the struggles of establishing yourself as an adult, and the relationships involved.