Notable Music Videos Of February (So Far)

Zheep – Like Glue (Erykah Badu) + It’s Whateva

Zheep has become one of my favorite artists out of Baltimore. I keep up with his Instagram Story Feed regularly (he recently posted some un-released material that sounds fire.) He hasn’t put out a bad music video yet, evident by his over 1K subscribers on YouTube. In just 3 days he’s released 2 VERY different visuals. First up is Like Glue (Erykah Badu) directed by Marleux Desire. The single is dope, (and my favorite song from him) but the visual is even more grandiose. Marleux and Zheep keep an almost pitch black theme with deep blue colors. You can definitely see Zheep rapping, but the editing compliments the dark production by Raf Comp. Zheep’s performance is full of confidence and execution.

It’s Whateva was released in conjunction with Like Glue, which was genius. With LG the viewer can see Zheep performing in full effect, while IW shows his experimentation. Director GhotDrank did an amazing job combing visual effects, drawings, and abstract lighting.

Lonny X – Drama

Before Lonny dropped his impressive EP Money Year: Very Bad Influence (Volume 1), he released a trap flavored single called Drama. I streamed it on SoundCloud just a few hours after its drop, and it definitely impressed. I was happy to see the official music video drop just a few days ago. Director  utilized sunlight, and square shots to perfection. I enjoyed Raheem’s choice of focus, most notably the eerie birds. 


We recently posted this lighthearted video from Malcolm Anthony. We noted that it was shot in sunny California, with Malcolm obviously enjoying himself. It was directed by Rari Visuals who made every color in the visual pop

Mir Fontane – Down By The River

One of the standout cuts from Mir’s excellent mixtape Who’s Watching The Kids was Down By The River. Mir speaks on his experience with violence in his hometown of New Jersey. Director 519 Media gives life to the narrative, combining reenactments and shots of Mir rapping with intensity.