Dae Fluent – My Way (New Track + Review)

Before I start the review of the new song from artist and producer Dae Fluent, let’s take a good look at the cover art. It’s quiet honestly a painting; full of watercolor, Asian influences, and a lot of detail.

Luckily, the record is just as stunning as the artwork. In Dae’s submission, she said My Way was hard to describe sonically – and I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s a passionate account of her conflicting feelings for a female. She can’t “stick with the same flame” and wants her to be on the same page. Nonetheless, you can hear her pain and confusion as she wonders if this is really what she wants. She admitted to me that when she listens to the song, she often tears up. Her voice is light and chilling, matching well with the production from Young Antho.

Dae is from Baltimore, and is not only popular in her city, but around the globe. Her last track, Automatic is at 22K views, and there is no doubt My Way will also do similar numbers. Don’t forget to follow her on SoundCloud, as all of her singles are dope AND have amazing artwork.