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More Notable Valentine’s Day Releases – 2017

Ok – we lied. We have one last V-day post for today. This Tuesday has been a whirlwind of incredible love themed releases. It’s honestly hard to keep up. Through friend’s suggestions, my own SoundCloud feed, and my email submissions, it feels like I’ve been listening to music all day.

We have less than 3 hours less (Chicago time) until this eventful day is behind us, but I wanted to give a last hurrah. While I can’t include all the tracks I enjoyed today, I am at least shedding some light on some of my favorites. I urge you to go to your SoundCloud feed tonight to check out the enormous output.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.32.17 PM.png

Pictured above: daveology.

daveology. – Consistent

Our previous post on Chris Cassius’ newest drop included Baltimore crooner daveology. The duo have proven their collaborative skills…but don’t forget dave can stand on his own. Just listen to his newest song Consistent. There are some obvious r&b influences here, but dave keeps it unique.  This is off his upcoming project

Chris Swaggin – Forgot Who I Was

Chris Swaggin, a soulful dude out of Chicago, just dropped his newest tape Anti Valentine. The obvious standout is Forgot Who I Was. He is at his best here vocally, sharing memories of romantic endeavors.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.31.36 PM.png

Pictured Above: Don Neil

Don Neil – Find Your Love

In November Don Neil’s song I’m Weak, made our Better Half Playlist. We were impressed by his unique production choice and jazzy vocals. Today, he’s come out with another great record with a surprising, but dope beat. Nonetheless it is an essential in your V-Day playlist.

Savier – Fool For You

(Featured Picture)

Way back in my Columbia College/Discovergoodmusic blog days Savier and I met up to do a podcast interview. It was great meeting him – and we connected right away. We’ve both grown so much since 2012. Savier is making his best music yet, including this angst filled song Fool For You. He’s never been afraid to go outside of the box and approach hip hop differently with amazing results.


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