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Cza Kalu (feat. Pat Soul) – Moonlight (New Track)

Atlanta is a hotbed of talent, and is arguably the most popular city in hip hop. The spotlight on well established rappers artists has never been so bright, especially in the last few years. That being said – it is important (at least to me) to showcase undiscovered and indie talent. Enter Cza Kalu.

Kalu is a 25 year old Nigerian artist + songwriter currently residing in Atlanta. Although his newest track Moonlight dropped before Valentine’s Day, it would have been a refreshing release for the holiday. This isn’t to take away from the beauty of the track, which has the exact same vibe as the cover art. It’s a story about falling in love, and staying with your partner.

Pat Soul is featured on the cut with some chilling production from HellaBeats.

Let’s not forget about ALL of the incredible talent coming out of Atlanta, as there are more and more up and coming artists bringing great music to the culture.

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