flowsfordays presents: P David – Artist Spotlight


P. David is the best emcee you don’t know yet. He is a well established indie artist with over 13K followers on IG, and SoundCloud. His Twitter page boasts over 1K. He gets likes and retweets by the dozens based off his incredible fan base and his talent as an artist. I respect what this guy is doing and the hard work he puts into his social media presence and music.

He just dropped one of my favorite songs of the week in So Long. Many rappers claim they “drop knowledge” or “are real” in their raps, but few can do it with complete honesty and conviction. This Chicago spitter executes with incredible story telling, a smooth beat and compelling flow. He even does his own hook.

P reflects on old friends and his high school days with nostalgia, but also expresses a lot of anger for how he used to be treated. There are twists and turns throughout this 2 and a half minute track that will give you a taste of David’s music.

He brings the same intensity to all of his records. There are freestyles, original and well composed songs, and straight up lyrical heat. He dropped a more than solid EP just last year that is below. The production is incredible from a host of different producers, proving P can flow any over beat and work with the best of the best. 

He has also mastered the art of the music video. Last year he dropped 2 quality visuals with Relssig FilmsBars being his first ever. I highly encourage you to subscribe as I’m sure more is coming up for him.