I am so honored to premiere this new cut from Jimi X. The Texas native is an incredible talent – and Famine will solidify this…no questions asked.

Producer Purist Potillo (who happens to be his manager) outdoes himself on the aggressive beat bringing everything together. I thought I’d do this premiere a little differently and let Jimi explain more about the song which is below. You can also purchase this on iTunes and stream on Spotify

I wrote Famine as a statement to myself and my brothers. This statement is that I’m never going to allow situations around me to affect the path that I’m on; even though, around me was crazy and things didn’t seem to be progressing. I know in my mind, body, and soul that me and my people were good by any means. That’s what Famine really is. Famine is a declaration that we will go to battle for what we believe we’re here to do. We not going to starve and will eat by any means. It came at a time when people were starving and people were hungry; yet, there was no work to be found besides the work that we created for ourselves. It’s a celebration of success to come. It’s conveying that rather than getting stuck on the fact that nothing is out here, we are going to focus on the fact that we have the ability to create opportunities for ourselves.