South Jersey Artist Kev Rodgers Is Making A Name For Himself (Exclusive Interview)

Kev Rodgers may be on the come up along with fellow New Jersey artists Mir Fontane and Ish Williams, but he’s making his career all his own. In 2015 he dropped a solid project, King Of The Wood, but it is this year’s EP that is turning heads. Bad Things is all over blog sites; most impressively premiered by The Source. It’s already garnered over 20K plays since it’s release just 2 weeks ago with unanimous praise.

Without exaggeration BT is my favorite “indie” tape of the year. Everything is put together flawlessly without a skippable track in the bunch. I had to sit down to talk with the south Jersey native to hear more about how the EP came together, his relationship with Ish and Mir, and how he got into hip hop. Read below and be sure to catch his performance tomorrow (flyer below)


Hey Kev! Thanks for talking with us! Could you introduce yourself a bit?

Hey wassup I’m Kev Rodgers, an artist and producer from the Southside of Jersey. Collingswood to be exact.

Just to start off – you just told us you’re from New Jersey. Tell us about the hip hop culture there.

The culture is different… it’s home to Redman, Lauryn Hill, and many more. It’s music with a lot of  passion and “wear our hearts on our sleeves” type music.

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Are there any artists that you look up to or are inspired by in your state?

I’ll always look up to Lauryn Hill but as far as now it’s the people I work with Ish, Mir and Shaqeyah. 

You recently dropped an amazing project by the name of Bad Things which was premiered by The Source. Tell us about how that collaboration came together. 

Yeah, thanks it was dope shout out to Jonathan Wigfall for helping put it together. He reached out to me and let me know they were interesting in premiering it. They dropped records before I was apart of so it ultimately made sense.

I can honestly say this is my favorite “indie” hip hop project since the start of 2017. What has the response been like for the album?

I appreciate that so much, thanks! The response has been amazing as well. I think the biggest thing I’m proud of is that every record hit everyone differently.

One thing that stood out to me was the production. Who contributed and how did you choose those producers?

Yea myself, Kilconfirmed and Kenif Muse handled the bulk of it. They just knew my sound and we were already working before it came together nicely. I had two producers from SoundCloud I admired as well. Myself and Kenif Muse pretty much executive produced it. I had a lot of fun doing it

There is a bit of a narrative throughout the project. Explain what it was for the ones that haven’t listened…and why you decided to go that route. 

I wanted to focus on the good and bad in my life dealing with relationships with people and mentally preparing myself for what’s ahead. it started from January 2nd after my first solo show.

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On Bad Things you made a host of unique tracks. I felt like no matter what hip hop fan listened they would find at least one song enjoyable. Have you gotten that feedback before? Did you set out to do that?

Yes and yes lol.

If I had to pick, my favorite cut on the album is the intro, Bad Dream. Do you have a favorite song?

Interesting… it changes but right now it’s Way Up because of where I’m at right now as we speak in life.

You’ve got a good number of features here – most notably Ish William and Mir Fontane. I’ve been following their movement for some time and love what they are bringing to the table. What is your relationship like with them?

Fontane and Swish are my brothers we been at coming on year 4 now. Since August of 2013 it’s been a blessing to ride this music as well as a this life journey with them and I can vouch for it vice versa.

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Let’s go back a bit – tell us how you got into the hip hop scene.

I was always making music since I was 8. I’m the youngest outta 3 and my older brothers made music that influenced me. Then my cousin was more in around here and started to make a name for himself. I was already working with Ish in a group when I was 14 at the time. My cousin eventually caught me steal his beat CDs and pop the question “Yo you rap?” He gave me his blessing to keep going and I started making beats. The rest is history.

What did you listen to growing up and what do you listen to now?

Growing up I was and still am a Kanye West and 50 Cent fan. Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Eminem. Now it’s Kendrick Drake, J Cole, Travis Scott, Chance and mainly our music. I do listen to Michael Jackson and music from the 70s 80a a lot as well.

What’s next for Kev?

Working on multiple upcoming albums including Mir Fontane’s. My album concert, and a bunch of new visuals. You know there’s more music coming from Kev. So be ready to expect a lot more.