Syl Messi – Hiroshima (feat. Cassius Tae) + I Suppose (New Tracks)

Chicago’s Syl Messi is a multi talented artist. He’s a writer, a producer, is learning how to mix, and creates dope cover art. He just dropped two distinctly different records that show his growth from his first release on SoundCloud. Both are excellently self produced. flowsforday’s favorite Cassius Tae is even featured on my favorite cut Hiroshima.

Syl has a lot in the works as he’s dropping his EP run77 tomorrow (January 30th) which is an experience of sound focused on his struggle with depression, belief in God, and escape from reality. He has a mission statement for his music which you can read below:

His focus has been to become a voice for those, young and old, who have been discouraged from expressing themselves. His goal as an artist is to inspire thoughts and spark emotion in his listeners.