Will C. – OUTLIER (New EP)

This project by Cleveland artist Will C. is pretty special to me – and he doesn’t even know it. After listening to OUTLIER (a 3 track EP) I knew there was more behind the music. Thankfully, I found his site and blog post about the creation and inspiration behind it. Here is an excerpt: (full post here)

‪I don’t feel like I made this EP, I feel like this EP gave itself to me and asked to be edited and put together in the most sensible way. Things fell together so much. When I thought that I was running out of time, I figured out what to do and how to do it in the right amount of time. I think God helped a lot.

This is EP is about being special, it’s about being an outlier, and it’s about hunger. There was no moment where I sat a table and thought as hard as I could with veins popping to write these songs or think of the story. It just flowed out of me cause it’s really what I feel. Hopefully others can relate to it or it can inspire them. That’s the biggest goal. I just wanna have a positive impact on people’s lives and outlooks on life, and make music more interesting by adding the perspective that me and my friends have cultivated.‬

– will

This is a beautiful passage, and if you keep it in mind while you listen you’ll understand the project better. I’ll let the music and his words speak for themselves.