Chicago Streetwear Spotlight : DXSTRXCT 7


I’m really excited about this interview with rising Chicago clothing brand DXSTRXCT 7. I’m especially excited because I know for a fact the team will grow in the coming months and will ultimately become a staple in the city. I caught them early and I couldn’t be happier!

They don’t know this, but I want to work with them to make some flowsfordays hats. Rashard…if you’re reading this; know I’ll hit you up soon 🙂

In all seriousness, Rashard is the founder of DXSTRXCT 7 and a true visionary. Throughout this interview you’ll read about his passion and history with design, details on the brand, and his desire to promote positivity throughout Chicago. I can’t wait for you guys to learn more about him, his business, and DXSTRXCT 7’s ultimate rise in the industry.


Hey Rashard! Thanks for speaking with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hey how’s it going? thank you for the opportunity it’s a blessing. My name is Rashard Feggins but I go by Leader Lockwood. I am an individual who appreciates everything thing art and that alone has me dabbling in a couple different art forms. I am recording artist, producer, designer, and entrepreneur that’s trying to change the world by simply living out dreams and inspiring others to do so as well.

This interview is a brand spotlight – so can you give us an introduction to your brand?

DXSTRXCT 7 is my streetwear brand that I started about a year ago, it is the traditional streetwear brand and we pride ourselves on dropping the dopest designs, giving back to the community, and providing accessibility to affordable clothing.

On Twitter you describe Dxstrxt 7 as a  “Chicago based clothing and accessories brand keeping the neighborhood cultivated through fashion, music, and art.” Can you elaborate on this mission statement? What do you hope to accomplish with the brand?

The mission statement is really meant to show our involvement in the streetwear culture and our efforts to give back. DXSTRXCT 7 is not only a brand, it’s a family. We value community involvement as it inspires others to get out and do great things, my neighborhood wasn’t the best so I’m using the brand to help build it and surrounding neighborhoods. Not only are we a family, but we are also a platform that helps artists develop no matter the art form is. If artists can’t go anywhere else in the city and gain spotlight they can look to us to help put them on.

How would you describe your clothing?

I knowing I’m saying streetwear a lot but that’s exactly what it is!

How long have you been active? When did you decide to start DXSTRXCT 7?

I’ve been active for about a year and I started DXSTRXCT 7 when I dropped out of college to pursue my dreams. My parents initially hated my decision but they came around and decided to invest in me and help get the ball rolling. I also was in a fashion program called PROjectus at YOUmedia in the Harold Washington Library, I won a thousand dollars to start and I put that into the business as well.

Why did you decide to call the company DXSTRXCT 7?

My favorite number is 7 and is the number of completion, I’ve always felt like whatever I put my mind to I can do and I have done some amazing things but I realize that my supporters helped me to do those things and I refer to those people as my as my district, hence came DXSTRXCT 7.  I changed the I’s to X’s cause it’s much cooler. DXSTRXCT 7 is just the representation of a group of people completing things and putting on for their neighborhood.


Have you always been into fashion? What is your history with designing?

I’ve been into fashion for most of my life, I remember as a kid just always being fascinated with how clothes were made. In school when I was younger, my mom would dress me like my grandad in things like khaki pants, cardigans, and penny loafers. The other kids would talk about me and I would feel bad but around the time when Kanye West was really popping I didn’t feel bad anymore. I would wear my polos tucked in but Kanye wore his out with jeans and retro Jordan’s; so I would beg my mom to buy me clothes I had seen Kanye wear. In the eighth  grade, I was really into The Cool Kids and the way they dressed with all the vintage clothing and I started thrifting. I guess hip hop drove my love for fashion as I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to look to my fashion inspirations and put my own twist on it.

Have you always lived in Chicago? 

Yep! I grew up on the west side of Chicago on Adams and Lockwood and it’s where I got my alias Leader Lockwood from. I think my first meal was Uncle Remus!

Who is on your team?

A bunch of people! It’s family by blood and relation. My mom is my partner in the business my set that I do music with HUEY GANG, which by the way is the coldest music group ever, acts as brand ambassadors and sales reps. My dad runs the non for profit sector, I have an assistant and I’ve bought in a few designers this year, I oversee everything.

What products do you have available and is there more coming up? When will that be released?

I’ve officially sold out of season one drops but I am gearing up to release some new gear and it will be out ASAP! I have some merch being created as we speak.


Do you have any inspirations when you design your products? 

Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. I could be eating a hotdog Maxwell street stand and come up with designs that are inspired by it. I also spent some time hitting up local boutiques in the city and watching them become staples in the city and put their twist on the fashion game always has inspired me and the reason I am now leaving my mark in the Chicago streetwear scene.

Your website is currently under construction. When can we expect it to be up and what can we expect on the actual site?

Yeah, I’m currently making changes to the site to make it easier to navigate and change up the design a bit but it should be up ASAP. You should expect some really cool interactions when you enter the site and also some really cool clothing.

Are you working with anyone at the moment?

I’ve been working closely with some dope music artists to drop exclusive collections. Individuals like Ali and Luke G of New Kingz, my collective HUEY Gang, Cassius Tae, Dj Mike P, and a list of other are who I’ve worked with or plan to work with. I’ve been trying to expand to other markets as well, my high school math teacher Dave Helem who is now a comedian, I got some dope ideas I’ve shared with him and it’s going to be crazy.

Do you feel any connection to the hip hop world with your products and collaborations? 

Hip Hop is why I have a brand! I remember reading complex magazines and seeing my favorite rappers in LRG and Roc-A-Wear ads, even their own brands and I thought that was so cool to see that. I want to my clothing line and the hottest music to be topics of conversation and a staples in the hip hop culture.


What music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of Hip Hop honestly but I’m very diverse. All the classic hip hop records I know or my uncles played it around me. I like some duties as well, Al Green is my dude! I love Fallout Boy, my brother put me on. I like a little country every now and then too!

What can we expect from DXSTRXCT 7 this year?

Expect pure dopeness! You can expect more exclusive gear, commercials, more collaborations, concerts, and community events. I’m dropping a physical magazine in the months to come. The magazine is going to be a combination of look books, artist spotlights, and ads from other brands; I’m bringing that nostalgic feel to life this year.

Any last thoughts?

It was amazing talking to you guys, I had so much fun. I just want to say thank you to the supporters and you guys have made everything possible! Be on the lookout for HUEY Gang, we got some crazy music dropping this year and also shoutout King Ron The Poet and Militia Entertainment, some really great things happening over there. Last but not least, I gotta thank God for al the blessings and opportunities.