We post Mpulse on the regular, as he drops heat every single week. There is some catching up to do as two weeks have gone by since my last write up.

Last week’s The Storm took me by complete surprise. It’s not bars on top of bars, but a melodic and structured song about making it through challenging times, overcoming life’s obstacles, and finding oneself.  Proving his versatility once again, producer Keef Boyd has tailored this instrumental to compliment the left field track.

The mood turns somber with recent release Wishful Thinking. Mpulse lays down his personal feelings on his career so far, detailing his humble beginnings and what he hopes to accomplish in the coming years.

Keef and Pulse are making such great music…their track record is incredible. You can keep up with Mpulse’s 52 Week Series by checking out this playlist which is updated every week.