flowsfordays.com Is Back + I Have My Supporters To Thank

I’m back at it. The support in my brief absence blew me away and made me feel extremely lucky to have the supporters that I do. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes and comments. I got emails, direct messages, tweets and texts in large numbers.

Well, I’m back. The posts may be a little less (for now) but I love supporting artists and my passion is hip hop. There is so much to love about the genre, and I quiet honestly couldn’t stay away. Friends were constantly sending me music and I listened to everything. The time away helped me gather my thoughts and understand my priorities. While I struggle with mental illness (which I wrote about before) I realized that this blog is a huge part of my therapy. I forgot that. I thought I needed alone time to understand myself, but the Twitter, blog, and hip hop community is really all I need.

I can’t promise you I’ll be posting every day or even every week. I’ll do my best to stick with this, but depression is a beast and something I’ve struggled with since age 10.

I want to once again thank the artists and the promoters that have continued to send me music and have also understood the situation I am in. Please send submissions, comments, or whatever you’d like to juliestevens@flowsfordays.com. You guys keep me sane, happy, and fulfilled.

Love always –