Jay Wonder – World Premier (New EP + Review)

Jay Wonder is the essence of classic hip hop. His newest EP World Premier is out of this world and took me back to the 90’s cats who freestyled on Stretch and Bobbito (please look them up if you haven’t heard of the radio show…there is also an excellent documentary on them on Netflix.) It’s a 3 track EP that he states is “just for practice.” If this is him stretching out his lyrical muscles, imagine what he could do with an original album. Each track is over a DJ Premier beat and hauntingly sounds like a rapper he would work with.

He’s clearly got bars for days and would definitely sound good over any quality beat. He’s been throwing songs on SoundCloud for 4 years and unfortunately the numbers don’t reflect his skills, but I have no doubt this will give him a better following.

He had some interesting (and hilarious) things to say about the tape which is definitely worth showing:

To DJ Premier, Samantha Delroscio, Charles Hamilton, Ryan Gisonni, James Hobbs, Katana Veski, Young Pro, Phase One, Gady Gaspard (RIP), Rah Godley, Sean J, Chaz Carter, & my inspirations, Thank you.”


Just some practice. Something for the cyphers. Channeling my inner Big-L-radio-freestyle over 3 classic DJ Premier instrumentals.


Give him a follow on SoundCloud and get lost in the EP by downloading for free here.