yugi boi Drops Crazy New Instrumental ‘Hold Up’

I heard Hold Up by yugi boi through the magic of suggested picks on SoundCloud and it blew my mind. As it was 11pm I decided not to post until the next afternoon so I could have some time with the record. It is the most complex instrumental I have heard on SoundCloud this year. Quote me. ||DIlIP|| contributes with additional trumpet work from Nyodus. The fact that there is live horns in this EDM and stutter stepping beat is revolutionary.

yugi boi clearly knows how to pick his collaborators and has an incredible amount of talent composing songs. The cut inspired me to do some outside work that I haven’t felt like doing in quiet some time. I put it on repeat for an hour and never grew tired of it.

There are no projects on SoundCloud, but one small “throwaway” EP is on BandCamp along with a loosie. Let’s hope something comes soon.