Na$im Williams Shines In His New EP ‘Sometimes God Has A Kid’s Face’ (Exclusive Interview)

Na$im Williams, the always working producer representing Chicago’s Treated Crew may have just released his new instrumental EP, but there is a deeper message being told. Sometimes God Has A Kid’s Face is one of the strongest instrumental projects I have heard all year and deserves to receive praise across the blogoszphere. I have no doubt this will happen throughout the weeks to come, but we’d like to aid in the process.

Many producers flip samples and favor old soul records to do so, but Na$im approaches in it an incredibly unique way. Don’t be fooled, a host of other genres are incorporated into the EP, but Na$im makes it all his own.

There is more to the project than you think, which he has described in our interview below. We also learned more about him and what he’s been up to outside of music (and what’s coming soon.) Read his insightful words below and stream SGHAKF above.

Hey Na$im. Thanks for talking with us. Can you give us an introduction on you?

I am a 25 year old music producer and DJ from the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. I represent Treated Crew.

So you just dropped Sometimes God Has A Kid’s Face which is my favorite solo project from you. I’m interested to know how you approached the EP. What were your thoughts going into it?

Thank you! The creative process for SGHAKF was simple. I decided to use all sampled based tracks with hard hitting drums for an epic, Godly sound. My twin daughter’s were my main inspiration for this project.

The intro “All Knowing” was certainly a great way to start it off. When did you create that record?

I composed “God’s Will” last month at the Grind House studio. One of musical mentors gave the idea to cook up the record.

After going through the EP a few times I noticed how each song sounded unique, but SGHAKF as a whole sounds very cohesive. What are your thoughts on that?

You know me, I favor diverse and vivid production. I’m evolving as a musician, so every time I create, the outcome will be greater than the last track.

Were all of these tracks recorded in the same time span? What was the recording process like?

These beats were made all through this year during depressing and inspiring times. I am ecstatic to release this EP. I think people are going to really enjoy it.


Do you have a favorite song?

I don’t have a favorite track. Everything is fire!

How did you decide which songs would make the album?

I wound up choosing my favorite vacant beats of 2016 for this project. It wasn’t easy selecting my top 8 records.

The artwork is super dope. Who took the picture + what inspired it?

My content creators, Gabriel Canon and TXTBOOK, designed the promo art. Shake from Dinner Land made the final album art.

What is the significance behind the title of the project?

The title of this project is significant because over the past two years due to teaching and parenting, I better understand the importance of guiding children. They are the future and we need to nurture them all to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

You’ve worked with so many artists such as Nico Segal, Vic Spencer and many more Chicago mainstays. How did you build those relationships?

I build relationships in music by remaining authentic, consistent, and transparent. In order to receive help from someone, you must benefit them as well. Everyone I have worked with respects my craft and hustle. We inspire each other.

Who are some of your favorite producers out of Chicago?

Every producer representing Treated Crew are my favorite composers in Chicago.

You’ve been in the music scene for awhile and constantly grinding. What inspires you? What keeps you working?

I love to show and prove. My family, friends, and supporters inspire me to work hard.

You were recently on the Radio One show out of Chicago. What was that experience like? How did that come about?

Gabe Mendoza from Radio One has always shown love to my brand. We talk when we can and decided to just have me come in for an interview. I appreciate everything we discussed that day. It was very insightful.

What are your plans for 2017? What’s coming next for Na$im?

I recently signed a distribution deal with Cigar City Management/Kobalt Music. No more free music for the most part. My art will be displayed on a bigger platform thanks to the deal. New merchandise, shows, and website coming soon. I will be even more consistent this upcoming year.

Thanks again for talking with us…we’re rooting for you.

Photo Credit for all pictures: Gabriel Canon