Wil Akogu (feat. Mayowa) – Days Of Our Lives (New Track)

Promising Chicago artist Wil Akogu delivered an amazing EP at top of this year that really spoke to me. (Last years The Most Valuable Poet was dope too.) This years’ drop was titled Language Of The Soul (below) which featured beats influenced by a host of genres including rock, alternative and funk. There was so much emotion involved; you could hear the raw pain and feelings in each track.

Yesterday he dropped another moving piece titled Days Of Our Lives featuring fellow Chicago artist Mayowa. There is a huge emphasis on that guitar instrumentation and tough bars. It was produced by Wolfgang & Jabari Rayford, who have collaborated with him before. Wil describes it as an anthem which is very accurate. He tells us nothing will slow him down and its hard not to believe him.

This is the first release from Wil’s upcoming project, set to be released in 2017, with Mayowa. Wil  promises it will be full of songs about “individual struggles and finding strength in perseverance.” I can’t wait for this one. Follow his SoundCloud for updates as well as his personal website.