I.L Will + Mikey Dollaz – Brothers (Video)

Chicago mainstays I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz just dropped a fierce video to their booming song Brothers. Their chemistry is undeniable which has been clear as they’ve hit us with a few collaborative EP’s  before. They’ve also been doing music videos for years (here’s one of my favorites) so it’s never a question that when they link up it’s great.

Brothers is another clear standout visually. It’s a simpler video in relation to their older work, but director Djay and editor Pat Banahan certainly make it work to their advantage with their colorful accents. The actual song is a huge addition to their growing discography as it stands as my favorite cut from them. Their rapping is tighter and more lyrical and the beat by Yung Cryp Got Hitz brings it all together.