WiLL iS CHiLLiN’ – Moody (New Project + Extensive Review)

I’m just gonna say this right now. This is one of my favorite projects out of Chicago EVER. It is the perfect album for a number of reasons; the first being the quality all of the elements involved. WiLL iS CHiLLiN’ knows how to craft a full song. There is structure to every one of the cuts with quality production, great wordplay and meaningful lyrics.

The LP is called Moody which couldn’t be a more perfect title. Just off the production alone you’ll hear how his mood shifts throughout each song. The subject matter also paints a picture of his day to day thoughts and reflection. The project was entirely produced by Josh Grant who can create any type of beat to fuel whatever message WiLL wants to get across. The mixing and mastering is out of this world with Drew Mantia on the boards. He also provided some beautiful additional instrumentation which gave Moody a nice extra umph.

One of my favorite cuts is Trap Music, as I am a sucker for a song going in the heavy bass direction. Rebel Legato, who I’m new to, shoots off a dope verse. He’s 1 of 2 features on the project, and I’m sure that’s for a good reason.

Another favorite is Blank Canvas which, sonically, sounds completely different than the aforementioned track. Over a jazzy and down tempo beat WiLL speaks on elevating his mind and the vibes that come with creating art.

It’s nice to hear WiLL’s complex wordplay and metaphors that you’ll need to play back a few times to fully deconstruct. I’m praying the album comes out on streaming sites besides SoundCloud as I’d like to help get his plays up. Let’s also take in the crazy artwork that stands out as soon as you press play.