SQUiRE – Miss You (New Track)

I tend to always look out for new music from SQUiRE. We’ve posted him a few times in the pastI’ve even written a review of his latest project SQUiREViLLE on The Demo Tape.

His album artwork is always A1, and his most recent release, Miss You, has a cover that is simple, full of color, and dope. The song is about growing as a individual and then in a relationship and SQUiRE shares his thoughts very well. That soul sample is what got me, but SQUiRE stands out with his composed rhymes and melodic flow.

Russ produces a lot of his songs which is how I initially discovered him, but he works with many other talented producers such as Dartlin, (the beatsmith behind Miss You) Toombeatz + Mr. Pia. He’s put out 8 tracks just in November and while you can stream his entire discography on SoundCloud, you can support him even more by adding his songs to your Apple Music library. He’s also on Tidal + Spotify.