Ocean Baileux – Can You Meet Me? (New Track)

Asha O-Ren recently sent me her stunning new song Stars. (which we posted) I heard some beautiful vocals at the end. I noticed the song featured a girl named Ocean Baileux, and after some investigation we linked on Twitter immediately. She very kindly just shared her newest track Can You Meet Me? I knew she was someone to watch out for as her voice stood out on Stars, and this song confirms it.

Her new song is 4 minutes of pure bliss. I’m so glad I got to hear a full cut from her. She has dropped quiet a few on SoundCloud, but I connected to this one the most. She described the song to me here:

(Can You Meet Me?) is about me liking a guy and deciding to taking our relationship to the next level because I’m sure he’s the one. That Erykah sample is to symbolize how fast I want/wanted the relationship to go.

It’s quiet clear from the lyrics and the above statement that she is a writer at heart. Keep watch for her as she has an amazing career ahead of her. Get her followers up on SoundCloud as she deserves so many more.