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Coach Tev (feat. Blake Cris + Oracle Jones) – Midnight Cruiser (New Track)

Using live instruments in hip hop songs is a dying art. Chicago leads the way in this endeavor, but I was always hoping it spread into other sectors. Midnight Cruiser is a wonderful example of this sometime taxing, but beautiful approach to music. This is rising Dallas emcee Coach Tev‘s 4th record of the year and a great way to end 2016.

On this song alone, he enlisted a producer, a featured artist, another featured vocalist who contributes eerie vocals, and sax and electric guitar player. It’s a jazzy and bluesy tune, but Tev stands tall with his unique flow and control.

Midnight Cruiser also got a HiphopDX premiere which was a great look for Tev. Happy to see his music reach a larger platform.  There’s a lot more to come for this guy as the winter of 2017 will see his debut EP I Fell In Love With My Mistress. Off the title alone I think we’re in for an intriguing project.

I always feel it’s important to give credit when it’s due so check out all the players involved in the track below.

prod. oracle jones
feat. blake cris
sax. jemarcus bridges
electric guitar. cliff bereuter
mixing. donny domino
mastering. oz
artwork. lsdoomgfx

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