Chancellor Warhol has been prepping for his new EP, Until The Light Takes Me, for some time now. After dropping a host of singles, we’ve finally got the full thing. As I stated a few days agoI had heard it before today and knew it would prove his longevity in the music industry.

There is so much to love about this one…a sure highlight is I Got You produced by Basecamp. It is a HUGE record. Cinematic, somber, and sincere. Vocals from Nylo bring it all together. The previous drops are all there including my favorite, King Solomon.

We knew this guy would cause mayhem so we sat down with him about a week ago before the release of the LP. We spoke about Until The Light Takes Me, the Nashville scene, and much more. Peep below and be sure to stream above.


Before we get started, can you tell us the basics about you?

I don’t know where to start really. Could take forever.

So you’re from Nashville. I’m not too familiar with the hip hop scene there. Tell us your observations on the city and some of your favorite artists.

I think it’s growing from what I see. I’m an outcast though but I respect everyone’s grind. I’m honestly my favorite but I think my homie Aloco Da Man is dope. As far as producers though I’m really into Syksense’s sound.

So, obviously, I am a big fan of your work. We posted ‘Prom Tux’ a few weeks ago but your newest track, King Solomon is my absolute favorite from you. Do you have a favorite?

Thank you, I appreciate that. I think I’m getting better and better. I think I like a lot of my new stuff so it’s hard to choose a favorite at the moment. It changes.

With the release of King Solomon came a trailer for the official music video. It looks dope. Why was it important to you to put out the trailer at that time…and what are your thoughts on the visual?

Thanks, it came together randomly actually. There was no intent of any visuals for KS but Sean Hagwell who’s an amazing photographer was in town from LA, had this big deal camera and asked me if I wanted to shoot any visuals so we went for it. It was before Big Youth’s verse unfortunately so that’s where the visual stands at this time.

Producer Super Duper is a frequent collaborator as he also did the beat on Mirrors. How did you start working with him?

The power of social media. It really has closed the gap. You can connect with so many dope producers that way.

What about him makes you want to work with him?

His versatility. I’m dropping a new song he produced called Trust Me ’91 that sounds nothing like Mirrors or King Solomon. We worked a lot on this album. Plus he is one of the best at vocal manipulation and samples.

About a year ago you dropped a short EP titled “Playlist for Edie.” Who is Edie and why did you decide to name it that?

Edie Sedgwick. Warhol’s first and most famous muse. Check out Factory Girl, great movie.

I loved it because every single song was completely different. Was that purposeful? What was your strategy behind it?

Yeah I honestly just went in and rapped over everything I liked at the time and made it my own.

Let’s take it back. Where did you grow up? When did you catch the hip hop bug?

East Nashville and Hendersonville for a time. Taylor Swift went to my rival school (Hendersonville) (laughs.)

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.42.35 AM.png

You have songs on your SoundCloud from 3 years ago. Was that when you first started making music? How do you feel about those songs?

Nah I’ve been at it since 2010 when I played Bonnaroo then Lollapalooza. I actually have just gotten better so a lot of songs were taken down and  then reapplied when day 1 fans asked for them. I just want to give people quality. 

How do you feel you’ve grown as a person and artist since those drops?

Well I’ve definitely traveled more and met so many different people. London opened me up to a great world of music. I also am a director now so that has opened up a whole new side of creativity. I directed the visuals for Prom Tux which will come out very soon. I also feel like I’m me now and I’m being true to my lyrics and life. I want to be relatable because I go through the same trials as the next.

Are you signed to a label? Do you have any interest in that?

South x Sea at the moment. It’s an indie imprint in Nashville. It’s a good situation at the moment. We are really building something dope here.

When will the King Solomon video drop?

Unfortunately the trailer is all. Sad face emoji.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.55.55 AM.png

Your album, Until The Light Takes Me is coming up really soon. What can we expect from it? How do you feel gearing up to it?

Just immersive sound and lyrics that are truthful and clever at the same time. I’m really thankful for the features and people involved.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Shout out the executive producer My Kid Brother (Josh Crosby) and my whole team. Risk takers can be bliss makers.