Doc Strange – Stare Here (New EP)

Experimental hip hop is not my forte. I’ll be the first to admit it. But the new EP, Stare Here, from Doc Strange spoke to me. This dude works hella hard, (details in a bit) even producing the entire EP. He has an eclectic sound and able to make a wide range of instrumentals. It’s important to play these 4 tracks all the way through as they will all come together in due time. It’s a short one- give dude a chance.

This EP is an ‘appetizer’ for CULT, his upcoming album that represents his best work to date. Stare Here consists of B-sides and tracks that didn’t fit into CULT and its narrative. The album will hit on topics such as drug culture, religion, and personal growth. It’s crazy how cohesive the “b-sides” sound put together…a testament to his artistry.

Side note: Official music videos will be coming soon, so look out for that.

It’s not like others haven’t taken notice. He has tons of fans, especially throughout his hometown in Texas. Check out some details below taken directly from a close source:

During the senior year of his undergraduate at Texas A&M, Doc Strange took his music to the next level, starting his own brand, LOVETHECLINIC, and releasing a slew of new projects. Doc Strange’s first rap group, C.R.E.A.M, released a project called ‘White Lines’ shortly after, which was one of his first major successes. The single, ‘1 More Time,’ went viral, getting the group significant local play.

Following his work with C.R.E.A.M, Doc Strange partnered with GQ Marley, a San Antonio rapper. Together, the two performers worked on a collective release under the moniker of ‘The Graduate$.’ Eventually adding DJ Arin Chase to the roster, The Graduate$ released several singles and videos, finding success in the greater Texas area as a live act. (The outfit even performed at SXSW in 2015.)